What has been happening in KS3 Philosophy and Ethics?

An important part of this term’s work focused on learning about the organisation Peace One Day. Founded by Jeremy Gilley in 1999, Peace One Day worked with the UN to establish an international day of peace. This day, the 21st of September, was agreed on by all member states of the UN in 2001, though has yet to be truly realised. Since then, representatives of Peace One Day (such as Jude Law) have travelled around the world, negotiating short-term peace agreements between warring factions in countries such as Afghanistan, with the aim of allowing aid workers to reach those in need. Through this negotiation process, Peace One Day claims responsibility for a 70% reduction of violence in Afghanistan on Peace Day 2008. By 2010, 4.5 million children had been vaccinated thanks to charity workers being promised safe passage through conflict zones around the world. Peace One Day celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

It has been an interesting time in Philosophy and Ethics. This half term we are focusing on peace and conflict around the world. We began by considering what the word “peace” means for us. Students were able to discuss the word and its connotations, and from there engage in a meaningful debate as to whether peace was a possibility in the world or simply an abstract concept.

Although initially skeptical as to whether peace was a realistic goal for the worldwide community, students were interested in learning about the smaller-scale projects that produced measurable results. Students discussed the ability of small acts leading to meaningful change and will continue to discuss such issues throughout the term with our lessons on pacifism and civil disobedience. In response to their learning on Peace One Day, many students worked on producing posters to raise awareness of the day around the school. Our winning poster, by Hannah Gagg, has been displayed in tutor rooms, the sixth form centre, and outside the recently refurbished independent study centre in the Cube. For more information about Peace One Day, visit their website

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