Students Take Part in Music Workshops

The music department have recently held 2 music workshops which were attended by a selection of Year 8 and 9 students:

VOCAL GLOBAL November 2016

This duo including French beatboxer DavidX and singer-songwriter Noga Ritter presented a musical journey around the world from the Caribbean to the Middle-East with vocals and ethnic beat box. In their music they mix influences from both of their origins (the Middle East and French-Caribbean) with other music they love such as African music, Brazilian, Jazz and more…

Students were able to try out beatboxing, mix and loop sounds using music technology and create new pieces of music using their voices in a number of fun and imaginative ways.

PAPER HORSE February 2017

Brothers Zeb and Sam Haynes are Paper Horse, an explosive mix of alternative rock and power pop. Both are accomplished singer-songwriters, with an emphasis on vocal harmony and a range of instrumentation – they bring guitar, bass guitar and djembe as well as making music literally on anything that comes to hand!

Students were involved in a number of activities including rhythm and vocal warm ups. They were also given the opportunity to listen to performances from the duo and join in discussions about songwriting and how to further their own musical interests.

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