Ocean Radio visits Churston 

On Monday 7th November Ocean Radio held a workshop recording Year 9’s reflections and understandings around bullying, the effects of bullying, peer support mechanisms that might help and ultimately preparing a song composed by the group of Churston students.

Phoebe Preisnell, Ricardo Burt and Jack Thompson, did brilliantly interviewing the Year 9 pathways group on their views on bullying and the process of song writing. The workshop group then took inspiration for lyrics for their recording from the questionnaire sent out to KS3 students about bullying. The song is coming together well and Ocean Radio are returning on 25th November to record the final version. The song will be edited down into a feature to be broadcast and uploaded on Ocean Youth Radio and will also be broadcast as part of a live talk show to take place at Devon Studio School.

We also hope to perform the song and show the presentation in assemblies. This project was funded by the South Devon and Torbay CCG as a way of consulting with young people and raising awareness about self-care for Self-care week which was 14th-18th November.

The live show will go out on the link below:

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