Learning to create a better world

To inspire and challenge all our learners so that they acquire the confidence, skills and qualifications needed to achieve their personal aspirations

Every year students at Churston secure places at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. This long-standing success is built on more than just an outstanding set of examination results. We understand that our students are increasingly entering a global workplace where personal qualities are as important as qualifications. We offer a fully rounded education that enables students to excel both academically and personally.

To encourage the quest for excellence in academic, sporting and cultural fields 

We recognise that all students have skills and passions that go beyond the taught curriculum. For this reason we offer a broad range of enrichment activities that encourage students to get involved with the wider school community. These range from fun House events to national competitions. We expect all our students to engage with our enrichment programme.

To promote self-esteem within a caring community Churston has an outstanding reputation for pastoral care.

We are very fortunate that we select some of the most talented students in the South West. However, students will only flourish if they feel secure and supported. The journey from primary school to adulthood is a complex one and Churston’s first priority is to ensure that our students have respect for themselves and for others.

To bring together diverse local, national and international communities in the pursuit of sustainable learning

Churston has strong links with a range of institutions across the globe, including a unique partnership with schools in the Cuzco Valley in Peru. Although separated by distance we share many of the same aspirations for our young people and we recognise that we all share the same planet. The Seven Years at Churston programme actively encourages all students to engage in at least one residential experience that strengthens our relationship with the wider community.