Robert Owers – Headteacher

“Welcome to Churston, the only co-educational grammar school in Torbay. We believe that in a great school, academic excellence and personal development go together. We want our students to achieve a thoroughly all-round education, whatever their social background.

“Our success has a simple foundation, which I re-enforce with both staff and students on a regular basis: every engagement with a member of the school community either helps them grow as an individual, or it crushes them a little. It is never neutral. Our outstanding student services team exists to make sure that every student has the individual support they need to thrive.

“Students need to enjoy themselves, especially when they’re working hard, so we encourage a relaxed and supportive atmosphere with plenty of fun, from inter-house Masterchef to the staff panto.

Academic excellence

“Churston is consistently in the top 150 schools nationally for both GCSE and A-Level results. This contributed to our two most recent Ofsted inspections which awarded the school outstanding grades in every single category.

“I’m a strong believer in A-levels, and our Sixth Form offers the widest range of A-level subjects in Torbay. Many of our best students are real specialists, and A-levels give them a chance to study the subjects that excite them in real depth.

Preparing students for the real world is as important as helping them get top grades. (This is one reason why being co-ed makes sense.) If a student leaves us at 18 with an outstanding set of academic results but without resilience, confidence, teamwork skills and the ability to present themselves effectively then we have failed them

“We have a very active sports calendar, along with plenty of opportunities to take part in school plays, musical performances, inter-house competitions and lots of other extra-curricular activities. Please take a look around this website to check some of them out.

“We also run many foreign trips and exchanges, and have links with schools in seven countries, including a unique link with schools in Peru. We aim to instill a sense of responsibility in our students and I am very proud that so many Churston students want to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

“Over nearly 30 years in teaching, I’ve worked in many schools. Some could boast academic results as strong as ours, but only Churston has such a relaxed and supportive culture. I can honestly say that Churston students make me proud to work here every single day.”