Head of Department: Mr J Garner

Other members of staff: Miss Arnaez

Exam Board: Edexcel

What does the course consist of?

The course consists of opportunities for pupils to develop the ability to understand and use Spanish effectively for the practical purposes of communication while developing an awareness of the nature of language and language learning.  The course also offers insights into the culture and civilisation of Spain and Spanish speaking countries.  

Assessment and Coursework

Assessment will take the form of a final examination in the skills of listening and reading. Two written examinations and two speaking examinations are completed during the course and submitted for assessment.


Spanish at GCSE will enable you to speak and understand Spanish at a good level for practical communication.  The course will also develop your ability to memorise, analyse, draw inference and adapt language, as well as to empathise with a different nationality and culture.


Practically any job can involve languages whether it’s based in the UK or abroad.  Industries which are more globalised in nature and those facing non-English speaking customers offer opportunities for people with language skills.  This also applies to companies which are web-based, trading internationally, or foreign-owned.

Although languages may be no substitute for specific training, for example in professions such as accountancy, medicine, law and journalism, it may be impossible to do the job well without an effective working knowledge of the language(s) pertinent to the organisation or job.

Other Information

In the enlarged European Union, those speaking one or more of the languages of the ten accession countries will enjoy more opportunities than ever before in international trade and European institutions.  

Recent surveys have shown that the five business languages most in demand in the UK are, in this order:  French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch.

In a world context, there is increasing demand for: Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin / Cantonese, Portuguese, Russian.

You may well learn a different language to Spanish in the future and your skills developed during your GCSE Spanish course will help you to be an effective learner.