Head of Department: Mr B Nisbett

Exam Board: AQA


This option involves the designing and making of products using a range of both traditional and contemporary materials and technologies. The students are encouraged to consider the needs of the consumer, manufacturer and not least the environment when designing solutions.  They will develop the communication skills of drawing, modeling and verbal presentation alongside developing their creative and persistent approach to problem solving..

The specification aims to promote careful, thoughtful and skilful use of materials, principally wood, metals, plastics, composites, smart and modern materials to design lasting solutions to real world problems.


This course should be chosen by students considering careers in product design, architecture, automotive/transport design, many of the engineering fields such as civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

Possible career paths include:

Product Design

Architecture, spatial design, interior design


Civil engineering

Manufacturing technology in a particular material (such as plastics)

Materials Science

Research and development work


Furniture design and/or manufacture

Bespoke craft-Work


Careers emphasising the need for problem solving skills and innovation

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