Chemistry Olympiad

Churston students have achieved great success in the national Chemistry Olympiad competition this year. Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, this is a challenge open to the top A-level Chemistry students in the UK. Seven students from Year 13 tackled a number of fiendish problems, including the analysis of an unlikely compound of helium and a chemical explanation of exploding mobile phones!

The standards are so high that certificates are only awarded to the top two thirds of entrants, yet all our students were successful. Liz Raine, Matt Wills and Tom Andrews attained bronze awards. Luca Quinci, Tom Davey and Oliver Biggs were in the top third of participants and were rewarded with silver certificates. Particular congratulations go to Hugo Edwards who was in the top 7% of candidates and achieved a Gold certificate. Hugo remarked “The Chemistry Olympiad was extremely difficult, so I’m very proud to have achieved a Gold certificate. I have really enjoyed preparing for the competition and using my knowledge of Chemistry to solve complex problems”. Chemistry teacher Dr Hall is very proud of their achievements and said “They are great students and their results place them amongst the top Chemists in the country”.