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Top Scorer

Congratulations to Joel Clifton 10S who is currently ranked top scorer at Wheelchair Basketball in Division 3 for Plymouth Raiders.
As Joel has now progressed to playing in the Adult League, this is a huge achievement.

Bonjour from Furzeham primary school – Hola from Brixham CoE primary school

On Tuesday 29th October Churston welcomed the children from Brixham CoE primary school for a Spanish workshop. On Tuesday the 26th November it is the wonderful children from Furzeham primary school who spent the day at Churston.

All of the children engaged in a range of fun activities to improve further on their Spanish and French. Señora Clark is responsible for foreign languages at primary school and it is with great pride that the children started counting and introducing themselves in Spanish. French at Furzeham is supported by Miss Wilkinson, the children did the school proud..

The day started with the game 11 for number practice, we learnt about sea and forest animals in Spanish and French. From the freeze game, hot potato and running dictation games, the children were engaged and spoke with great fluency! 

They were all a credit to their respective school, loved the activities and were a joy to teach,

La Señora et madame Bright 

Asia – Loved copying what you did; when you jumped, we jumped.Henry: I enjoyed learning the names of the sea animals, like tortuga and the tour of the school.

Robyn: I like that it was  great fun. Learning sea animals, like tortuga, el delfin and el tiburón.        

Henry – Enjoyed everything, including the sweets!

Codei – I really Liked meeting you señora Bright, as you are so kind and I liked meeting  the 6th formers too.

Robyn: I like the day it was so much fun.  Learning sea animals, like estrella de mar, el delfin was great 🙂

Jack: My favourite part was when we played hot potato and splat.

Kacey: I enjoyed the Spanish workshop because I learnt different sea animals, I had never seen these words before.



Churston Ferrers Grammar school welcomed Galmpton primary school on Tuesday 8th October for a French workshop. It was all about les animaux marins et les chiffres, la presentation and c’était of course  très amusant et instructif!

Years 4 and 5 enjoyed half a day at Churston practising new sounds, learning new words such as requin and tortue, étoile de mer et le dauphin, engaging in rhyming activities. 

It was an opportunity to further develop a foreign language studied at primary school. Galmpton is fortunate to have the support of madame Connell who teaches French and coordinates events such as this one.

The children enjoyed discovering a different culture, they thrived in team work activities in a secondary environment. From hot potato games to running dictations, the children developed a range of skills wrapped up in bonbons and biscuit au chocolat evidemment!

Churston Ferrers Grammar School is proud to nurture strong links with neighbouring primary schools and to offer language expertise and support in the delivery of modern foreign languages.

Au revoir Galmpton and bonjour soon to Brixham CoE who will join us here on 29th October…. We will hola the session this time for some Spanish extravaganza!

Madame Bright 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages 

No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference

Dr King, Churston’s very own United Nations Accredited Climate Change Teacher, recently entered a competition to win ten copies of Greta Thunberg’s first English-language book, ‘No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference’ and these have now arrived in school! The book consists of eleven speeches, written and presented by Climate Change activist Greta Thunberg on Climate Change and Global Warming. Three copies will be made available in the Study Centre for students to borrow and the remaining copies will be awarded to various students who make a genuine difference in our school community in relation to Climate Change Action and Awareness.

Discover more about the United Nations Climate Change Teachers’ course here or at and please get involved in the Sustainable Leaders group, co-ordinated by Mrs Lea, Miss Hadley and Dr King.

CFGS Win S.W.A.T French Video Challenge

On Friday 27th September the S.W.A.T schools gathered to determine the winners of the MFL video competition for the 2019 academic year. The challenge was to create a video in the target language, a video which would stand out by the quality of its content and techniques used. All videos were of very good quality and the jury attributed an award to all videos submitted. There was however only one overall award for the language submitted, we are pleased to announce that the videos submitted by Poppy Brinicombe and Emma Hutchins, then in year 8 won the overall award for French!

French, German and Spanish departments all submitted their videos and all received praise and accreditation for their work:

The German video with a focus on two way prepositions was attributed the inexplicable German grammar award!  Wonderbar might we say to Charley, Heide, Rory, Elle and Mrs Godwin!

The Spanish video with a focus on singing your way through languages received the MFL has talent award. Sam excelled in singing and dancing on a Spanish song ¡Fantástico!

The French video scooped 2 prizes: Poppy and Emma won the MFL  Teachers in the making  award and the coveted overall award for French! Their video truly inspired due to its quality, the language used. Both pupils did the school proud as their French video stood out amongst competitors in years eight, nine, ten and eleven who displayed great talent too. Bravo Poppy and Emma!

The S.W.A.T. alliance is comprised of Bishop Wordsworths School, Bournemouth School for Girls, Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Colyton Grammar School, Devonport High School for Boys, Devonport High School for Girls, Parkstone Grammar School, Plymouth High School for Girls, Poole Grammar School, South Wilts Grammar School, Torquay Boys Grammar School, Torquay Girls Grammar School. The S.W.A.T. Challenge event took place at Colyton Grammar School.

Emily Mayne ‘Nicotine’

Emily Mayne is currently in Year 13, and is studying for her A Levels. 

Her debut single ‘Nicotine’, produced by a Grammy nominated London based producers was recently released and is available for download now. Emily’s passionate for music, and hopes to continue this in future years. 

Listen to ‘Nicotine’ below:

Language Leaders Award


Tuesday 24th September 2019

It has been an incredibly successful day for the nine year 12 students  from Churston who have taught French and Spanish to years five and six primary school children.

It is through their genuine enthusiasm for language learning that the students made a wonderful impression on the children and staff alike!

Very well done to Chloe Howgate, Adrienne Knight, Rosa Thames, Francesco Zocchi, Rosie Wallis, Chloe Bayliss, Katie Harman, Edgardo Del Togno,Marina Russo.

Please watch them in action: recordings of  songs, games, competitions are available, photos, you will then get a flavour of their flair for language, zeal and incredible stamina!

Mrs Gorman, assistant head teacher, was very impressed by the work of our sixth formers and emailed the comments below:

“Spanish session – The session was engaging and the children enjoyed learning a few Spanish phrases and the numbers to 11. They coped well when YouTube didn’t work and adapted the lesson quickly. To make the lesson even better, just make sure to speak clearly and loudly to make it easier for the children to repeat the Spanish phrases correctly.

French session 1  – A very exciting and practical session all about animals. By using practical activities, it ensured the children were engaged throughout and also supported with retaining the names of the animals in french. They adapted really well when YouTube didn’t work and sang the song in french confidently. 

French Session 2  – Fasted paced and engaging. All the children felt confident and support to have a go. Good range of activities and teaching styles (varying of volume and intonation in practising phrases, moving in different areas of the classroom, splat). Well-presented and organised. Great use of visual and physical props, in particular, the clothes.  

All the photos are on Twitter @ShiphayAcademy”

It was rewarding to see our students from Churston team up with their international peers. It was a fantastic day whereby Churston students were proudly representing the school, doing it proud! They were supporting the community and helping develop a strong linguistic and cultural capital for younger learners.

Madame Bright 🙂

Wonderful children from Shiphay academy

Merci beaucoup for making this first workshop of the new academic year so much fun!

Layla, Elliott, Macie, Holly, Finlay, Fred, James, Ben, Rayaan, Lacey, Oliver, Samuel, were the proud representatives of Shiphay academy and enjoyed learning all about forest and sea animals in French!

Churston Ferrers Grammar School aims at forging strong links in the community. Enthusing children about language learning is our mission in the languages department; supporting French and Spanish with our local community is one of the ways that we can help our young people become great citizens of the world!

We have lovely pictures to share of the day, we are also on the Shiphay academy facebook page!

Madame Bright 🙂

What has been happening in KS3 Philosophy and Ethics?

An important part of this term’s work focused on learning about the organisation Peace One Day. Founded by Jeremy Gilley in 1999, Peace One Day worked with the UN to establish an international day of peace. This day, the 21st of September, was agreed on by all member states of the UN in 2001, though has yet to be truly realised. Since then, representatives of Peace One Day (such as Jude Law) have travelled around the world, negotiating short-term peace agreements between warring factions in countries such as Afghanistan, with the aim of allowing aid workers to reach those in need. Through this negotiation process, Peace One Day claims responsibility for a 70% reduction of violence in Afghanistan on Peace Day 2008. By 2010, 4.5 million children had been vaccinated thanks to charity workers being promised safe passage through conflict zones around the world. Peace One Day celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

It has been an interesting time in Philosophy and Ethics. This half term we are focusing on peace and conflict around the world. We began by considering what the word “peace” means for us. Students were able to discuss the word and its connotations, and from there engage in a meaningful debate as to whether peace was a possibility in the world or simply an abstract concept.

Although initially skeptical as to whether peace was a realistic goal for the worldwide community, students were interested in learning about the smaller-scale projects that produced measurable results. Students discussed the ability of small acts leading to meaningful change and will continue to discuss such issues throughout the term with our lessons on pacifism and civil disobedience. In response to their learning on Peace One Day, many students worked on producing posters to raise awareness of the day around the school. Our winning poster, by Hannah Gagg, has been displayed in tutor rooms, the sixth form centre, and outside the recently refurbished independent study centre in the Cube. For more information about Peace One Day, visit their website