‘Aspirations Presentation’

On 9th March 2018, Churston was lucky enough to have four ex students visit the school to present to a group of year 9 boys. The purpose of the visit was for the alumni to share their experiences of school and offer revision and careers advice. The visit was a success and the year 9 boys enjoyed being able to share experiences with ex-students who had been in the same position as themselves.

The visit was arranged through the school’s ‘Future First’ network. Sam Dodge, Sam Titcombe, Darren Hartland and Joe Burton each presented with enthusiasm and charisma to thirteen year 9 boys about their experiences at Churston, how they revised effectively and what they are doing in their lives now. The thirteen boys listened attentively and offered a plethora of questions to their guests, expressing some of the difficulties they face currently in school. The visit was educational and enlightening to students and provided staff with feedback of how we can help reduce the barriers in education to boys.